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MidWest-IX / FD-IX welcomes RoutViews to Indy

The RouteViews project now is now on our Indy IX. Their data is used by many projects, so contribute by peering with them! Check out http://ow.ly/FQ8v30n3ao3. Archival data will be at http://ow.ly/1gDO30n3ap9. Access the collector via telnet://rviews@route-views.mwix.routeviews.org.

MidWest-IX IPV6 stats

MidWest-IX is now seeing over 15,000 IPv6 routes on our Indianapolis Fabric from any ever-growing number of peers. We are getting reports, not only from our members but from others which say IPv6 traffic is faster when it comes to streaming content.

Indy Traffic stats for the past 24 hours

MidWest-IX is keeping your Indy traffic local. Members are experiencing lower latency, faster throughput, and increased sales opportunities.

2,300,729 IPv4 addresses now being represented on MidWest-IX

A total of one /11, one /15, one /16, one /20, one /21, one /23, one /24, one /27, one /28, one /29 and one /32 are currently represented on our Indianapolis fabric. That’s 2,300,729 IPs. That’s a lot. Represented in members on the IX or their clients, we have two two-digit ASNs and a […]

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