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MidWest-IX completes Phase 1 Capacity Upgrade for Indianapolis

MidWest-IX has completed several recent capacity upgrades on our Indianapolis fabric. We have upgraded the capacity between 733 and 401 north Shadeland to 40 gigs of capacity. We have upgraded switch interconnects at 733 to 40 gig. Switch uplinks at 401 Shadeland have been upgraded to 20 gig. A switch upgrade inside 365 Data Centers at […]

MidWest-IX adds additional 10 gig ports to Eastgate

We are excited to announce additional 48 10 Gigabit ports to our 401 North Shadeland (EastGate) peering location in Indianapolis, Indiana operated by LifeLine Data Centers.  This allows us to scale to meet demand for our members. As more and more networks have to scale to meet demand, MidWest-IX is keeping up with that demand.

Partner Video: Fort Wayne Data Center

Alex Carroll from LifeLine Data Centers talks about the new Fort Wayne Data Center. MidWest-IX will be on-Nnet from day 1.  

Partner Blog: Data Center 2016 Post

The folks over at LifeLine Data Centers have a post about their trip to Data Center World 2016.

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