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Making the most of your IX experience

Obviously, we have a vested interest in you making the most of your IX experience. Better traffic flow at a lower cost is better for everybody. We’ve linked to pages on local pref and MED in the past, but we thought we’d come up with our own post, even if the information is largely recycled. […]

MidWest-IX completes Phase 1 Capacity Upgrade for Indianapolis

MidWest-IX has completed several recent capacity upgrades on our Indianapolis fabric. We have upgraded the capacity between 733 and 401 north Shadeland to 40 gigs of capacity. We have upgraded switch interconnects at 733 to 40 gig. Switch uplinks at 401 Shadeland have been upgraded to 20 gig. A switch upgrade inside 365 Data Centers at […]

Our St. Louis fabric is growing

Check out our peers on our St. Louis peering fabric. #keeptrafficlocal

Member Spotlight: On-Ramp Indiana (AS: 14333)

MidWest-IX is starting a new series to highlight our exchange members.  This will be an ongoing series to highlight what companies on the exchange can offer.   On-Ramp Indiana (ORI.NET) ASN 14333 is a full-service internet provider and IT consulting company located in Noblesville, Indiana.   Their primary services are Fixed Wireless Broadband, Fiber-Based Internet, […]

Real World Indianapolis network

Today we bring you an example of one of our networks in Indianapolis. This network has a single upstream transit connection and a connection to MidWest-IX.  Under their MidWest-IX connection, they have a couple of direct peers and are peered with the route servers.  The following graphs illustrate their traffic flows for the past 2 days. The […]

New IX signup Special!

Now through March 19th if you sign up for a port at our St. Louis exchange, we’ll waive the setup fee. You’ll need to supply your own cross connect, but we can get you connected as a part of a “first 60 days” special offer. Available at the Netrality Properties facilities at 210 N. Tucker […]

Route Server Communities

We have started to implement communities in the route servers.  The most useful one we’ve found so far is that you can advertise a community of 0:{insert AS here} and it will not advertise that prefix to that AS via the route servers. It is useful if you have some specific prefixes you don’t want […]

Indy Upgrades coming soon

MidWest-IX is working on some upgrades for our Indy Fabric.  Look for news soon. Can you say 40 GIG?

Internet Exchanges Article by 365Data Centers

Internet Exchanges, like Uber and Airbnb, are examples of the sharing economy, which has piqued the interest of users all over the world. They make it simple to connect with available assets, be it a ride home, a condo in Vail, or in the case of the an Internet Exchange, a network access point. The ultimate benefit […]

Catch up with MidWest-IX @ Nanog 67

Mike & Justin will be attending Nanog 67 in Chicago June 13-15. We would love to talk to you about all things IX related, and even not so IX related.

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