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Making the most of your IX experience

Obviously, we have a vested interest in you making the most of your IX experience. Better traffic flow at a lower cost is better for everybody. We’ve linked to pages on local pref and MED in the past, but we thought we’d come up with our own post, even if the information is largely recycled. […]

IOS-XR Example Config

; ; REPLACE X with your appropriate FD-IX IP Address ; ; REPLACE Y with your appropriate IP blocks ; ; REPLACE 1234 with your ASN ; ; Route Server addresses are specific for Indy. Other locatins will need to be modified interface TenGigE0/1/0/7.300 description “Midwest IX Peering” ipv4 address 206.53.139.X ipv6 nd suppress-ra […]

Example Cisco 3550 Config for M-IX

vtp mode transparent ! no spanning-tree vlan 777 ! If you don’t need LLDP, disable globally no lldp run ! If you don’t need CDP, disable globally no cdp run ! vlan 777 name M-IX ! interface /IfIdent/ description Interface to MIDWEST-IX switchport access vlan 777 switchport mode access switchport nonegotiate no keepalive speed nonegotiate […]

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