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IOS-XR Example Config

; ; REPLACE X with your appropriate FD-IX IP Address ; ; REPLACE Y with your appropriate IP blocks ; ; REPLACE 1234 with your ASN ; ; Route Server addresses are specific for Indy. Other locatins will need to be modified interface TenGigE0/1/0/7.300 description “Midwest IX Peering” ipv4 address 206.53.139.X ipv6 nd suppress-ra […]

Example Cisco 3550 Config for M-IX

vtp mode transparent ! no spanning-tree vlan 777 ! If you don’t need LLDP, disable globally no lldp run ! If you don’t need CDP, disable globally no cdp run ! vlan 777 name M-IX ! interface /IfIdent/ description Interface to MIDWEST-IX switchport access vlan 777 switchport mode access switchport nonegotiate no keepalive speed nonegotiate […]

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