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RFC 8327 – Mitigating the Negative Impact of Maintenance through BGP Session Culling

Some light reading. https://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc8327 This document outlines an approach to mitigate the negative impact on networks resulting from maintenance activities. It includes guidance for both IP networks and Internet Exchange Points (IXPs). The approach is to ensure BGP-4 sessions that will be affected by maintenance are forcefully torn down before the actual maintenance activities commence.

MidWest-IX / FD-IX welcomes RoutViews to Indy

The RouteViews project now is now on our Indy IX. Their data is used by many projects, so contribute by peering with them! Check out http://ow.ly/FQ8v30n3ao3. Archival data will be at http://ow.ly/1gDO30n3ap9. Access the collector via telnet://rviews@route-views.mwix.routeviews.org.

Making the most of your IX experience

Obviously, we have a vested interest in you making the most of your IX experience. Better traffic flow at a lower cost is better for everybody. We’ve linked to pages on local pref and MED in the past, but we thought we’d come up with our own post, even if the information is largely recycled. […]

Route Server Communities

We have started to implement communities in the route servers.  The most useful one we’ve found so far is that you can advertise a community of 0:{insert AS here} and it will not advertise that prefix to that AS via the route servers. It is useful if you have some specific prefixes you don’t want […]

Indy Traffic stats for the past 24 hours

MidWest-IX is keeping your Indy traffic local. Members are experiencing lower latency, faster throughput, and increased sales opportunities.

IRR Prefixes

Have you listed in an IRR, but not sure if it’s up to date? Check your prefixes here to see what the top IRRs see. http://ow.ly/NILHB

Qrator Radar

Check out Qrator’s Radar. If you have an AS, request an account and get signed up to see what’s up with your ASN. It’ll give different connectivity and security ratings and information on your network. https://radar.qrator.net/

ON-Ramp Indiana joins MidWest-IX

03 April 2015 MidWest Internet Exchange (MidWest-IX), a progressive Internet Exchange (IX), announces the addition of ORI to our exchange fabric. According to Justin Wilson of MidWest-IX, ORI is a great addition to the MidWest-IX. ORI hosting and managed services allows customers faster access to these web-sites and applications. “This allows faster access for exchange […]

M-IX peering Requirements

Midwest Internet Exchange Peering Requirements: 1. The peering candidate must be a registered entity in its local jurisdiction. 2. The peering candidate must provide M-IX with a 24 hour contact point. 3. Only BGPv4 and BGPv6 are allowed as routing protocols. 4. The Peering candidate must have a registered, Public ASN (Autonomous System Number) issued […]

What is peering?

A great article on what peering is http://drpeering.net/core/ch4-Internet-Peering.html

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