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Case Study: Altius Broadband & MidWest-IX

ALTIUS Broadband (ALTIUS) is a leader in the WISP industry and operates wireless ISPs in four states, including Indiana. Their Indiana operations are built around two data centers on opposite sides of Indianapolis. Prior to connecting to the Internet Exchange, the company purchased upstream bandwidth from two different companies, but was unhappy with the upstream provider’s network performance and the lack of control over those companies’ peering and quality of service preferences. While the performance for the customers was good, ALTIUS knew there was a better approach.

In December 2014, ALTIUS connected its Indiana operations to the Internet Exchange in Chicago with the help of Midwest-IX.   Upon joining the exchange, they established direct peering relationships with all the major content providers including, Akamai, Amazon, Apple, Google, Microsoft, NetFlix and Yahoo as well as backbone providers such as Hurricane Electric.

By using the exchange to connect to content directly, ALTIUS realized a few benefits right away:

  • Nearly 60% of their customer traffic was now coming from directly connected routes and not through upstream providers, thus reducing future purchasing of upstream bandwidth
  • Decrease in customer complaints about streaming video quality
  • Decrease in response times to all of the top websites and services

Graph showing shift from upstream providers (red, orange) to peering (blue)


An un-expected result from the peering relationships was that the usage to directly-connected peers increased 10-20% indicating that the upstream providers were having either congestion or quality of service issues with their own connections to these providers.


“It’s great to see our customer’s traffic from the major content providers only one hop away as opposed to traversing an upstream providers network which may take 5 to 10 hops to make it’s way to us in Indianapolis. Generally, latency is half of what it was prior to our transition to peering. It’s a complete win for our customers.” – Andy Rosen, Chief Technology Officer

About ALTIUS Broadband

Headquartered in Hunt Valley, MD, ALTIUS Broadband was established in 2006 with the goal of providing the underserved regions of rural USA with a one-of-a-kind, flexible, and blazing fast Internet Service. They currently have operations in Maryland, Florida, Kentucky and Indiana and are looking to grow to other adjcent states in the coming months. Their unique ability to provide Broadband access makes them the ultimate solution for all of your Internet Service needs, whether it is in your home or office at http://www.altiusbroadband.com

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About MidWest-IX

MidWest-IX was formed in 2014 to address the needs of peering for customers in the Indianapolis area. MidWest-IX has since expanded to other metro markets with more coming online in 2015. MidWest-IX provides peering, Internet Exchange (IX), and layer 2 services. MidWest-IX can also facilitate co-location, transit, DWDM, and other services through solutions partners. MidWest-IX can be reached at www.midwest-ix.com or 317.644.2224

 PDF download of this case study available here



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