Midwest Internet Exchange

Exchange as a Managed Service

Establishing a presence at a data center can be an intimidating process. You have to find space, negotiate peering agreements, Coordinate cross-connects, and a host of other components. A data center is a very structured place in terms of how things are doing. Because of this MidWest-IX works closely with our exchange members and solutions partners in order to bring you a complete solution. We believe simply handing you a cable and saying “here you go” is not enough. As a result, the concept of an Exchange as both a Managed Service and a Value Added Service was born. In today’s world having the most value for your dollar is extremely important.

MidWest-IX has two distinct sides of the house. The first is the neutral peering fabric. This is where providers can exchange traffic on the M-IX peering fabric.

The second side is the solutions side of things. M-IX works closely with our members and solutions partners (SP’s) in order to help you take advantage of our peering fabric. Our Members and SP’s can provide an end to end solution which can include bandwidth, colocation, transport, and other services. These can be worked into a solution handled by one entity, instead of 10. Our solution providers work hand in hand with us to deliver the highest quality product.