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January News from MidWest-IX/FD-IX

We have many exciting things going on here at MidWest-IX.

Switch and Router Upgrades
MidWest-IX has been hard at work upgrading our Indianapolis Infrastructure to all 40 GIG interconnects.  Recently we completed a cache fill router upgrade.  This will allow extra capacity to our Netflix, Google, and other caches. At the same time, this simplifies our network design on the cache network.  Simpler means more reliable and better performance.

FD-IX brand
We will be transitioning more and more to the FD-IX brand as our new sites in Texas, Cleveland, and other locations come online.  We have expanded outside the Midwest and feel it is time to embrace the brand we introduced about a year ago. This will be the same people, same network, just a different name.

Indy IXP Manager upgrade
Mike has been busy upgrading our IXP manager installation for Indianapolis. This will allow many new features as well as sFlow for traffic reporting to the software.  This is a very complex upgrade, so it is taking some time.  We will have an announcement for it soon.

Transport Ring
Many of you may have already seen this, but we have been working on a 10 GIG transport ring to connect many of our markets together.  If you are looking for transport between any of the cities, please reach out to us.

Ft. Wayne
St. Louis

PeeringDB Entries
Just a reminder to keep your peering DB entries up to date.  The future IXP manager upgrade will be more tightly integrated with PeeringDB. We have been running the new version on our St. Louis fabric for a while, and the PeeringDB integration relies on your information is up-to-date.  More and more companies are integrating their peering automation with PeeringDB.  We recommend a yearly review of your data or anytime you receive new IP space, co-lo at a new facility, or staff changes.

City Specific news
Look for some exciting news regarding St. Louis, Cleveland and a few others coming soon.

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