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Member Spotlight: PDS Connect

PDS Connect is a locally owned full-service internet provider and IT consulting company located in Mooresville, Indiana. We care most about providing the best service and customer satisfaction, which sets us apart from other internet and phone companies. Our primary services are Fixed Wireless Broadband, Fiber-Based Internet, Server Co-Location, Data Center Services, and Wireless LAN/WAN Deployment and Consulting. PDS Connect is also a provider of phone service and corporate email solutions.

Our broadband Internet is available throughout Morgan County and surrounding areas at speeds of up to one gigabit! Fixed wireless and fiber optic broadband offer several options to cover residential, small businesses and large corporation’s needs.

Eric Rogers from PDS Connect says: We have found several advantages to being a Midwest Internet Exchange member. First and foremost is that we keep traffic local. This is something that creates the fastest Internet experience because the route that traffic takes is shorter, and therefore faster. The next is that it allows us to create partnerships and deploy our services faster than traditional methods of connectivity. Our broadband subscribers represent thousands of content consumers, and having access to that content without leaving the Midwest data center saves our company money on transit costs, as well as providing a lower latency and optimal path for the best customer experience. Because it is a faster build time and we save money on transit, we pass those savings onto our customers.

Justin Wilson, from MidWest-IX, says “The Internet traffic PDS Connect adds to the exchange is a diverse mix of eyeballs and hosting traffic. By having PDS we are adding my routes and diversity to our Indianapolis exchange.”

PDS Connect can be contacted at info@precisionds.com, 317-831-3000, or via their website at www.pdsconnect.me.

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