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Member Spotlight: On-Ramp Indiana (AS: 14333)

MidWest-IX is starting a new series to highlight our exchange members.  This will be an ongoing series to highlight what companies on the exchange can offer.


On-Ramp Indiana (ORI.NET) ASN 14333 is a full-service internet provider and IT consulting company located in Noblesville, Indiana.   Their primary services are Fixed Wireless Broadband, Fiber-Based Internet, Server Co-Location, Cloud Server Hosting, Data Center Services, and Wireless LAN/WAN Deployment and Consulting.   ORI is a Microsoft Office 365 partner with considerable expertise in the Microsoft Exchange email platform.   ORI.NET also is a provider of website hosting and corporate email solutions.

Their broadband Internet is available throughout the Indianapolis Metropolitan area, including Indianapolis, Plainfield, Carmel, Fishers, Noblesville, Westfield, Pendleton, Ingalls, Cicero, Arcadia, and Sharpsville.   Their fixed wireless broadband offers several options to cover residential, small business, all the way up to mission-critical enterprise applications.      Their dedicated fixed wireless uses the latest licensed enterprise wireless, providing fiber replacement, fiber supplement, and fiber alternative to area businesses and multi-tenant buildings.    Speeds of a gigabit or faster are available!   They maintain a presence in 3 Indianapolis Data Centers, which allows for flexible and competitive offerings for companies looking to co-locate servers obtain local cloud-based services, or work with a trusted website and corporate email hosting provider.

We here at ORI.NET have found several advantages to being a FD-IX exchange member.    Our broadband subscribers represent tens of thousands of content consumers, and having access to that content without leaving the data center saves money on transit costs, as well as providing a lower latency and optimal path for the best customer experience.     Since we host approximately 1000 websites and 10,000 email users, we also see quite a bit of traffic originating from FD-IX to access our network content as well.     Keeping traffic local just makes sense for ORI from cost, performance, and redundancy perspective.   The benefits keep growing as each new member joins the exchange.

On-Ramp can be contacted at sales@ori.net, 317-774-2100, or via their website at http://www.ori.net.

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