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Rarely seen CHICAGO EQUINIX (CH1, CH2 and CH4) small quantity colo

Midwest-IX is a new Internet exchange company focused on tier-2 markets. If we’re an IX focused on tier-2 markets, why are we offering colo in one of the biggest markets in the world? Quite simply, we have transport circuits terminating in Chicago to link to our IX markets and in the future to other IXes. We figured we would offer up some space to help us make this site break even instead of just being a cost of doing business. We’re moving out of someone else’s shared space into our own.

Well, that and few others offer less than full cabinet space in Chicago Equinix CH1, CH2 or CH4. We’re offering as little as 1U. This is perfect for an entity looking more for connectivity than server space. Let us know within a week if you’re interested in any of the following:

1/2 cabinet, 1.5 kw $1,435
10u, 5a, $1,060
4u, 2a, $460
2u, 1a, $260
1u, 0.5a, $160

* NRC is equal to MRC.
* Additional 0.5a is $50 each.
* Primary and redundant power is standard and recommend your gear is too.
* Shared rack space.
* Cross connects are 10% over our cost of $350 MRC, $500 NRC single quantities, lower if in volume.
* If you get on board early with your order, we can lower the cross connect pricing for everyone at that order.
* Low bandwidth OOB access to your equipment included (behind VPN).
* Any other Equinix services available at 10% over cost.
* Escorted or remote hands access required. No unsupervised access to the shared cabinet.

E-mail support@midwest-ix.com if you’re interested.

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