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Monthly Archives: October 2015

Opportunity: Chicago Equinix

Due to issues with some of our vendors delivering on-time (or at all), we’re looking at picking up our own space in Chicago Equinix. With this we are in full control of the physical space as well as ordering of cross connects. We verified today that despite orders being submitted six weeks ago, cross connects […]

Basic Network Security

On a mailing list we saw someone who noticed a ton of DNS traffic going to an IP address on a subnet that wasn’t even being utilized. Not being utilized probably means they weren’t the victim of an attack. We took a look at the domain and it was managed by CloudFlare. It’s difficult to […]

Need to brush up on DDoS?

Need to brush up on DDoS basics? http://ow.ly/Ss9Bc

Can you tell when Akamai started peering on our Indy fabric?

Can you tell when @Akamai started peering on our ‪#‎Indy‬ IX? ‪#‎Peering‬‪#‎KeepTrafficLocal‬

Can’t believe it’s been a year

Today marks a couple of big milestones for MidWest-IX. As I sit here on a very Autumn-like day in Indiana it occurs to me our domain name was registered just a year ago today. We actually incorporated shortly after. A year since the initial concept has gone by, and it has been a very good […]

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