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Updated privacy policy

Introduction This privacy policy (“Policy”) and this site’s Terms of Service (together the “Terms”) govern all use of and that site’s services (together the “Site” or “Services”). The owners and contributors to the Site will be referred to as “we,” “us,” or “our” in this Policy. By using the Site or its Services, and/or by […]

Why you should have your own, locally hosted DNS server

DNS is a very important service. Not only is it required to turn google.com into (or whatever it is in your area), but DNS also plays a key role in where your downloads come from. Firstly, a locally hosted DNS server provides on-net speed to the lookups that people use most. No need to […]

Caching boxes vs. IXPs

We have gotten responses from networks saying, “We already have caching boxes from XYZ company. Why do we need you?” What if those caching boxes are full? What if they’re undergoing maintenance? What if they don’t have what the user has requested? In all of the above situations (likely more), the unanswered requests then go […]

Is it worth peering at an Internet Exchange?

RIPE (Europe’s version of ARIN) comissioned a study of the data collected by their Atlas project to determine if IXPs improve performance between networks or if (as some ISPs claim), they harm performance. They looked at latency, hop count, packet loss, jitter and whether traffic stayed “in-country” (for regulatory and security reasons). Performance was measured […]

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