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Exchange as a Managed Service

Establishing a presence at a data center can be an intimidating process. You have to find space, negotiate peering agreements, Coordinate cross-connects, and a host of other components. A data center is a very structured place in terms of how things are doing. Because of this MidWest-IX works closely with our exchange members and solutions […]

Indianapolis February port promotion

Special #1 25 megs of traffic on the exchange Within copper cross connect distance Route Server Access $49.99 setup and 6 months access (cross connect included) $25 setup if you run the cable Special #2 25 Megs of traffic on the exchange Fiber cross connect Route Server Access $99 setup setup and 6 months access […]

General Policies

1. This document contains a set of common rules that all networks wishing to connect to the M-IX fabric must adhere to. Failure to comply with any provision of this agreement can result in immediate disconnection from the M-IX peering fabric without notice. By connecting to the M-IX peering fabric you acknowledge that you have […]

M-IX allowed traffic types

Allowed Traffic Types on Midwest-IX The M-IX NOC reserves the right to disable ports that violate the rules below Physical Connection Interface settings Ethernet interfaces attached to M-IX ports must be set to auto-sensing unless otherwise agreed. MAC Layer Ethernet framing The M-IX infrastructure is based on the Ethernet II (or DIX Ethernet) standard. This […]

M-IX peering Requirements

Midwest Internet Exchange Peering Requirements: 1. The peering candidate must be a registered entity in its local jurisdiction. 2. The peering candidate must provide M-IX with a 24 hour contact point. 3. Only BGPv4 and BGPv6 are allowed as routing protocols. 4. The Peering candidate must have a registered, Public ASN (Autonomous System Number) issued […]

What is peering?

A great article on what peering is http://drpeering.net/core/ch4-Internet-Peering.html

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