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Understanding FISMA and FedRamp

MidWest is in the LifeLine facilities.  Rich Banta gives a talk on understanding FISMA and FedRamp

PeeringDB entry for Cleveland

Our Peering DB for Cleveland is now live. https://www.peeringdb.com/ix/2286

Chicago Colo update

You may have seen our Chicago colo post ( https://www.midwest-ix.com/blog/?p=155 ). Here are some revised prices, based on the increasing scarcity of power in the facility. 1/2 cabinet, 1.5 kw $1,600 10u, 5a, $1,200 4u, 2a, $500 2u, 1a, $300 1u, 0.5a, $175 * Additional 0.5a is $75 each.

St. Louis Moving Bits

Where are we? Our St. Louis Internet exchange in the Netrality facilities at 210 N. Tucker and 900 Walnut has been moving non-negligible bits for under three weeks. We’re doing great compared to our Indianapolis exchange’s launch, so we have high hopes for the St. Louis market. We’re already peaking at over 850 megabit/s. What […]

Partner Video: Fort Wayne Data Center

Alex Carroll from LifeLine Data Centers talks about the new Fort Wayne Data Center. MidWest-IX will be on-Nnet from day 1.  

Partner Blog: Data Center 2016 Post

The folks over at LifeLine Data Centers have a post about their trip to Data Center World 2016.

Calling all IXes between Indy and Ashburn

We are looking to hear from any existing IXes or markets\facilities looking for a new IX between Indy and Ashburn. We are seeking quotes for some transport to facilitate inter-IX communications, some new services that Midwest-IX will be offering and more. While we’re getting these circuits priced out, we figured we would see if we […]

Rarely seen CHICAGO EQUINIX (CH1, CH2 and CH4) small quantity colo

Midwest-IX is a new Internet exchange company focused on tier-2 markets. If we’re an IX focused on tier-2 markets, why are we offering colo in one of the biggest markets in the world? Quite simply, we have transport circuits terminating in Chicago to link to our IX markets and in the future to other IXes. […]

Need to brush up on DDoS?

Need to brush up on DDoS basics? http://ow.ly/Ss9Bc

MidWest-IX announces services at 350 East Cermak

Midwest Internet Exchange is excited to announce services at 350 East Cermak in Chicago, Illinois. Services include Router and server Co-Location Transport Transit and IP Services Peering and exchange services Circuit termination and Cross-Connects Managed delivery of any of the above services

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