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RFC 8327 – Mitigating the Negative Impact of Maintenance through BGP Session Culling

Some light reading. https://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc8327 This document outlines an approach to mitigate the negative impact on networks resulting from maintenance activities. It includes guidance for both IP networks and Internet Exchange Points (IXPs). The approach is to ensure BGP-4 sessions that will be affected by maintenance are forcefully torn down before the actual maintenance activities commence.

Making the most of your IX experience

Obviously, we have a vested interest in you making the most of your IX experience. Better traffic flow at a lower cost is better for everybody. We’ve linked to pages on local pref and MED in the past, but we thought we’d come up with our own post, even if the information is largely recycled. […]

MidWest-IX/FD-IX announces our newest member DiviNetworks

We are please to announce the newest member of our Indianapolis fabric. The following is a little about DiviNetworks from them.   DiviNetworks is now offering a new and interesting way for any ISP to generate additional revenue from its existing infrastructure without any investment. This is achieved by securely sharing your IPv4 address space […]

MidWest-IX seeks Sales leader

MidWest-IX is looking for a motivated self-starter to head our sales team.  We are looking for a motivated self-starter who can help us close deals.  This position is a part-time commission based with a draw to start with.  Opportunity to move into more for the right candidate.  This job is ideal for a retired or […]

July 2016 update on the St Louis Regional Internet Exchange (STL-RIX)

Here’s an update from our partners in St. Louis. ===== Dear Friends of STL-RIX, Hi! You’re receiving this message because you’ve expressed interest in the ongoing effort to establish an Internet exchange point (IXP) in St Louis. It’s been a long time since our last update because we were waiting for the sale of the […]

Calling all IXes between Indy and Ashburn

We are looking to hear from any existing IXes or markets\facilities looking for a new IX between Indy and Ashburn. We are seeking quotes for some transport to facilitate inter-IX communications, some new services that Midwest-IX will be offering and more. While we’re getting these circuits priced out, we figured we would see if we […]

Opportunity: Chicago Equinix

Due to issues with some of our vendors delivering on-time (or at all), we’re looking at picking up our own space in Chicago Equinix. With this we are in full control of the physical space as well as ordering of cross connects. We verified today that despite orders being submitted six weeks ago, cross connects […]

Basic Network Security

On a mailing list we saw someone who noticed a ton of DNS traffic going to an IP address on a subnet that wasn’t even being utilized. Not being utilized probably means they weren’t the victim of an attack. We took a look at the domain and it was managed by CloudFlare. It’s difficult to […]

Why you should have your own, locally hosted DNS server

DNS is a very important service. Not only is it required to turn google.com into (or whatever it is in your area), but DNS also plays a key role in where your downloads come from. Firstly, a locally hosted DNS server provides on-net speed to the lookups that people use most. No need to […]

Caching boxes vs. IXPs

We have gotten responses from networks saying, “We already have caching boxes from XYZ company. Why do we need you?” What if those caching boxes are full? What if they’re undergoing maintenance? What if they don’t have what the user has requested? In all of the above situations (likely more), the unanswered requests then go […]

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