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Understanding FISMA and FedRamp

MidWest is in the LifeLine facilities.  Rich Banta gives a talk on understanding FISMA and FedRamp

RFC 8327 – Mitigating the Negative Impact of Maintenance through BGP Session Culling

Some light reading. This document outlines an approach to mitigate the negative impact on networks resulting from maintenance activities. It includes guidance for both IP networks and Internet Exchange Points (IXPs). The approach is to ensure BGP-4 sessions that will be affected by maintenance are forcefully torn down before the actual maintenance activities commence.

January News from MidWest-IX/FD-IX

We have many exciting things going on here at MidWest-IX. Switch and Router Upgrades MidWest-IX has been hard at work upgrading our Indianapolis Infrastructure to all 40 GIG interconnects.  Recently we completed a cache fill router upgrade.  This will allow extra capacity to our Netflix, Google, and other caches. At the same time, this simplifies our […]

Rarely seen CHICAGO EQUINIX (CH1, CH2 and CH4) small quantity colo

Midwest-IX is a new Internet exchange company focused on tier-2 markets. If we’re an IX focused on tier-2 markets, why are we offering colo in one of the biggest markets in the world? Quite simply, we have transport circuits terminating in Chicago to link to our IX markets and in the future to other IXes. […]

Indianapolis Launch Party

It has taken a while to get there, but we’re happy to announce our partnership with Lifeline Datacenters in putting on a launch party for our Indianapolis IX. Join us at Rock Bottom’s downtown Indy location to learn more about Midwest-IX, Lifeline Datacenters and many of your colleagues in the Indianapolis metropolitan area. What: Midwest-IX […]

Opportunity: Chicago Equinix

Due to issues with some of our vendors delivering on-time (or at all), we’re looking at picking up our own space in Chicago Equinix. With this we are in full control of the physical space as well as ordering of cross connects. We verified today that despite orders being submitted six weeks ago, cross connects […]

Basic Network Security

On a mailing list we saw someone who noticed a ton of DNS traffic going to an IP address on a subnet that wasn’t even being utilized. Not being utilized probably means they weren’t the victim of an attack. We took a look at the domain and it was managed by CloudFlare. It’s difficult to […]

Why you should have your own, locally hosted DNS server

DNS is a very important service. Not only is it required to turn into (or whatever it is in your area), but DNS also plays a key role in where your downloads come from. Firstly, a locally hosted DNS server provides on-net speed to the lookups that people use most. No need to […]

Caching boxes vs. IXPs

We have gotten responses from networks saying, “We already have caching boxes from XYZ company. Why do we need you?” What if those caching boxes are full? What if they’re undergoing maintenance? What if they don’t have what the user has requested? In all of the above situations (likely more), the unanswered requests then go […]

Is it worth peering at an Internet Exchange?

RIPE (Europe’s version of ARIN) comissioned a study of the data collected by their Atlas project to determine if IXPs improve performance between networks or if (as some ISPs claim), they harm performance. They looked at latency, hop count, packet loss, jitter and whether traffic stayed “in-country” (for regulatory and security reasons). Performance was measured […]

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